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Hello There,

When a business is developing new opportunities emerge and people win. Maybe one day you’ll be working on this project, too. Or you may contribute to it. I would like you to share the text below in your own language or in English.


I’m looking for representatives. 

The representative will voluntarily fill the information of a country. After that they will invite hotels, travel agencies, car rental companies or more, which companies will entry their prices. The representative will check the new entries.Financial investment has already been made – you can lose nothing but time. The system charges 20% of sales: 9% will be the agent’s, 9% will be the system’s and 2% will be given to children or homeless animals in need.


You can be not only a representative but also a blogger or a photographer who expands our photo galleries.


All you have to do is to give me a helping hand …


Thanyou for your help in advance

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