We are looking for country managers.

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We are looking for country managers.


Our Country Managers Assigned in the first leg of the giant project.

Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Sweden, Nigeria, Qatar,
Georgia, Hungary, India, Netherlands,
Now it is your turn to look for new Country Managers outside these countries.
I’m looking for people who love to travel and want to make money to book part-time or full-time travel. The Travel Industry earned $ 8.8 trillion in 2019. Now we are part of this cake.

How To Get Started
* It is our preference for you to be a travel agency.
** You must send your resume to the hr@tourismagency.net mail address. Send other necessary documents if requested.
*** You must know English.
**** You should be able to spare time.
***** We are with you if you have a command of tourism in the country.
What do we offer?
***** A country page and social networks are ready for the Country Managers.
**** Don’t waste time with software. You can benefit from videos and documents with training.
*** You learn a commission from every booking.
** You don’t have a boss – but you have to work. Because we are a global team.
* We offer you the opportunity for your dream job.

Note :
—> All financial investments have been completed in this project.
—> After signing the contract, you can start your work and give up whenever you want.
—> Your contract will be canceled if there is no registration on the site in 3 months.
—> Individual jobs cannot be done with the page name.
—> We offer all kinds of support and training.
Our goal is to develop the largest multi-business network in the world.

What purpose are you here?

I would like to cooperate