Al Daayen

Al Daayen

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Coordinates (Al-Daayen): 25°35′N 51°28′ECoordinates: 25°35′N 51°28′E
Country  Qatar
Capital Umm Qarn
 • Mayor Ali Ahmed Yousef Al-Khater
 • Total 290.2 km2 (112.0 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total 54,339
 • Density 190/km2 (480/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+3 (AST)
ISO 3166 code QA-RA
Country Qatar
Languages spokenArabic and English
Currency usedQatari Riyals
Area (km2)290.2 km2 (112.0 sq mi)

Sports & nature


Lusail International Circuit, a motor racing circuit, is centered in the municipality. Other sporting venues include Lusail Shooting Club and Lusail Sports Arena.Future sporting projects include the Lusail Sports Precinct, a massive sporting complex containing sporting venues as well as residential units, and Lusail Iconic Stadium, a proposed venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Visitor attractions

According to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, the municipality hosts 7 parks as of 2018.

A large-scale museum is planned to be constructed in Lusail's Entertainment Island district.

Historic sites of interest can be found in the traditional villages of Umm Qarn, Tenbek and Al Rehayya and in a few deserted fishing villages located to the north of Lusail

Nightlife info

Situated alongside Qatar's eastern coastline, the municipality is bordered by Doha to the south, Al Khor to the north, and Umm Salal to the west. An overwhelming portion of the municipality is located within Metropolitan Doha boundaries. Three main divisions exist within the municipality between the northern, central and southern parts. The municipality accounts for roughly 2.5% of Qatar's total area.

In the central portion, where most of the municipality's coastline is found, an open desert landscape is predominant. Large swathes of the central-east are dedicated to the Al Wusail Environmental Protected Area.

Northern Al Daayen is typified by agriculture, being dotted by several farms and a few small settlements. Among the most important rural settlements are Tenbek, Jarian, Umm Swaya and Umm Qarn. Umm Qarn is being developed to serve as the nerve center for the northern section, mainly because it is the most developed northern village, already accommodating the municipal office, a primary health center and two primary schools.

Metropolitan Doha infringes into the highly urbanized southern section of Al Daayen. This area serves as the residential and economic hub of the municipality, with the planned city of Lusail being the focal point, having a prospective population capacity of 200,000. Rawdat Al Hamama, Al Ebb and Leabaib are also being developed as major mixed use centers for the southern area

Culture and history info

Al Daayen (Arabic: الضعاين‎) is a municipality in the state of Qatar. Most of the urban landscape can be found in the southern zone of the municipality, particularly in the city of Lusail, while the northern and central sections are primarily rural. It is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Qatar due to its close proximity to the capital Doha.

Umm Qarn hosts the municipal office and serves as the municipality's administrative seat.

With the demographic and urban growth of the country over the last years, there was the need to create Al Daayen Municipality. The Emir of Qatar ratified the government's resolution 13 in 2004 on the creation of the municipality.

Initial development centered on the southern sector of Al Daayen, close to Metropolitan Doha. Early construction was scattered, often leaving developed and undeveloped sections adjacent to eachother.

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