Al Khor

Al Khor

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Coordinates (Al Khor City): 25.69°N 51.51°ECoordinates: 25.69°N 51.51°E
Country  Qatar
Capital Al Khor City
 • Mayor Ibrahim Issa Nasser Al Fadalah
 • Total 1,613.3 km2 (622.9 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total 202,031
 • Density 130/km2 (320/sq mi)
Time zone East Africa Time (UTC+03)
ISO 3166 code QA-KH
Country Qatar
Languages spokenArabic and English
Currency usedQatari Riyal
Area (km2)1,613.3 km2 (622.9 sq mi)

Sports & nature

The municipality is represented by the sports club Al-Khor SC, which play in Al-Khor SC Stadium in the municipality's capital city. Al Bayt Stadium, also in Al Khor City, is planned to be completed by the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Al Bayt Stadium, which translates to 'the house', is designed to replicate a traditional tent used by Qatari nomads. The seating capacity will be 60,000 spectators and it is set to host one of the semi-finals.

Al Thakhira has its own amateur football league. In 2005, Al Thakhira FC was formed and has competed in the QFA-sanctioned Qatar Amateur League since 2013.

Barwa Al Khor formally opened Al Khor Workers Sports Complex in the Al Khor Industrial Area in February 2014. Intended to serve the entire municipality of Al Khor as well as portions of Al Shamal Municipality, the sporting facilities within this massive complex include four cricket fields, four football fields, four basketball courts and three volleyball courts. In addition, there are 35 shops, 2 cinemas and a mosque among its facilities. In 2015, over 500,000 people had visited the complex.

According to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, the municipality hosts 7 parks as of 2018. Al Khor City has the largest park in the municipality - Al Khor Park with an area of 240,000 square meters. Starting in June 2010, the government has invested QR 250 million in refurbishing the park. This has resulted in the development of new facilities in the park such as a mini-golf course, a railway station and a museum. Al Thakhira also has a major park, opened in 2009 and covering an area of 14,580 square meters. Al Ghuwariyah opened its own park in 2017 over an area of 9,234 square meters.

Al Khor Island (commonly known as Purple Island) is located near Al Khor City. Considered to be a domestic ecoturism destination, the island is connected to the mainland by a tapered dirt path which runs through a number of streams. Aside from its scenic landscape, the island is also known for its historical role in the Kassite dyeing industry dating back several thousand years

Al Khor is situated in northern Qatar, bordered by the municipalities of Al Shamal to the north, Al Daayen and Umm Salal to the southeast, and Al-Shahaniya to the southwest. In addition to the main municipal headquarters in Al Khor City, there are Ministry of Municipality and Environment branches in Al Thakhira and Al Ghuwariyah.

Mangroves (Avicennia marina) in Al Khor Island overlooking the mainland
Much of Al Khor's territory lies along the Qatari Peninsula's eastern coast, including the eastern boundaries of municipality's two main cities – Al Khor City and Al Thakhira. Numerous beaches are located in this area, including Al-Farka Beach in Al Khor City and Al Thakhira Beach. A seafront promenade stretched over a 28,000 square meter area known as Al Khor Corniche runs through the municipal seat.[10]

White mangrove forests in Qatar can be found in greatest abundance near Al Khor and Al Thakhira. This species of mangroves is well-adapted to the saline conditions of the northeast coast. A minimum of eight mangrove sites exist in Qatar, and all are protected areas as of a 2006 Emiri decree.

Nightlife info

Al Khor's municipal council announced plans to open two workers' cities in the Abu Al Qararis area in 2016. These cities are planned to facilitate 45,000 inhabitants.

Barwa Group carries out real estate projects in Al Khor through its subsidiary, Barwa Al Khor. In November 2008, the group unveiled its major 'Urjuan' project, which had a projected cost of $10 billion. Located near the city of Al Khor, Urjuan was described as a planned city capable of hosting 63,000 inhabitants spread over 5.5 million square km. The project had a planned completion date of 2013 and its plots were to be sold through several phases. However, in December 2009, the project was indefinitely put on hold.

Shell Project, a real estate project featuring 350 housing units, a supermarket, and a mosque spanning an area of 138,000 square meters, was completed by Barwa Al Khor in 2016 and its ownership transferred to Royal Dutch Shell.

Al Khor Community constitutes the biggest housing community in the country. Located in Umm Enaig near Al Thakhira, it hosts 15,000 people and has well-developed infrastructure, including a medical center, five sports facilities, a library, schools, a skate park and playgrounds

Culture and history info

Al Khor Municipality was established in July, 1972, alongside Qatar's four other initial municipalities, and supervises the city of Al Khor in addition to other settlements in the municipality. As of 2017, Ibrahim Issa Nasser Al Fadalah is the mayor of the municipality.

Located in a former two-level police station along the coast in Al Khor City is the Al Khor Archaeological Museum. It houses artifacts collected from expeditions carried out in the municipality. On the ground floor of the museum, handiwork relating to Qatar's cultural heritage are on display, and there are exhibits on the maritime traditions historically engaged in by Qataris, such as fishing and ship-building. Ancient artifacts obtained from excavations, including those done on the dye industry in Al Khor Island, are hosted on the first floor, as well as geographic maps of Al Khor. On the second level, visitors are provided with a view of the bay and docks near the museum.

Al-Khor SC is active in organizing social events through its cultural division, the Al Khor SC Social and Cultural Committee. A number of partnerships have been signed between the committee and local schools and organizations. The committee is responsible for organizing the Al-Khor SC's summer camps which include educational lectures and physical activities. Programs put into effect by the committee include the Midar Maritime Festival at Al Khor Port, the Phantom Jets Championship in January 2015 at Al Khor Airport, diving classes, and natural history tours of various archaeological sites in the country.

Al Khor Mall is an important cultural venue. It accommodates the first three cinemas to be constructed in the municipality, with a combined capacity of 600 viewers. As part of Qatar's annual Eid Al Fitr Festival, theatrical performances take place in the mall.

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