Al Rayyan

Al Rayyan

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Coordinates (Al Rayyan): 25.32°N 51.37°ECoordinates: 25.32°N 51.37°E
Country  Qatar
Capital Al Rayyan City
 • Mayor Rashid Hamad Al-Hajri
 • Total 2,450 km2 (950 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total 605,712
 • Density 250/km2 (640/sq mi)
entire municipality
Time zone UTC+3 (AST)
ISO 3166 code QA-RA
Website Al Rayyan
Country Qatar
Languages spokenArabic and English
Currency usedQatari Riyals
Area (km2)2,450 km2 (950 sq mi)

Sports & nature

Landmarks and historic sites

There are a number of historic forts in the municipality, most of which are located within Al Rayyan City. One such fort is Al Wajbah Fort, which was the setting of a battle between the Ottomans and Qataris in the Battle of Al Wajbah in 1892.

Education City, which houses most of Qatar's universities, is spread throughout the Al Gharrafa, Gharrafat Al Rayyan and Al Shagub districts of Al Rayyan City, as is several of Qatar Foundation's institutes such as the Qatar Science & Technology Park and Qatar National Convention Centre.

Several multi-sports clubs are based in the municipality: Al Rayyan SC, Al-Gharafa SC, Muaither SC, Mesaimeer SC and Al Sailiya SC. All of these fall within the boundaries of Al Rayyan City.

Al Rayyan hosts a racing and equestrian club. Aspire Tower and Aspire Park are also nestled in the municipality, specifically in Al Waab, a district of Al Rayyan City. Also located in the Al Waab district are Villaggio Mall and Doha Zoo. According to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, the municipality accommodates 20 parks as of 2018

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Culture and history info

Al Rayyan (Arabic: الريان‎; also spelled as Ar Rayyan) is the third-largest municipality in the state of Qatar. Its primary settlement is the city of the same name, which occupies the entire eastern section and largely surrounds Metropolitan Doha and functions as a suburb. The vast expanse of mostly undeveloped lands in the south-west also falls under the municipality's administration.

Al Rayyan Municipality was created as an independent municipal administration by the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning in 1972.

Since 2004, Al Jemailiya Municipality was merged with Al Rayyan, and Jariyan Al Batnah Municipality was split between Al Rayyan and Al Wakrah Municipality. Doha Industrial Area, also known as Zone 58, was split off from Al Rayyan and integrated into Doha Municipality, becoming an enclave in Al Rayyan.

In 2014, the western city of Al-Shahaniya was dissociated from Al Rayyan Municipality to form its own municipality. Integrating approximately 35% of Al Rayyan's area into the new municipality, some of Al Rayyan's western localities such as Al Gharbiam, Al Utouriya, Al Jemailiya, Umm Bab, Rawdat Rashed, Al Nasraniya, Dukhan and Al Khurayb were also included in the new municipality

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