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Coordinates (Al-Shahaniya City): 25°22′20″N51°12′17″ECoordinates: 25°22′20″N 51°12′17″E
Country  Qatar
Capital Al-Shahaniya City
 • Mayor Mohammed Saif Al Hajri
 • Total 3,309 km2 (1,278 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total 187,571
 • Density 57/km2 (150/sq mi)
Country Qatar
Languages spokenArabic and English
Currency usedQatari Riyals
Area (km2)3,309 km2 (1,278 sq mi)

Sports & nature


Al-Shahaniya City is the largest settlement in the municipality as well as in central Qatar. It is located halfway between Dukhan and the capital Doha, and is situated just off Dukhan Highway. As an urban center, it serves as a central location for surrounding rural settlements, such as Rawdat Rashed and Al Khurayb. The majority of activity associated with camel racing and oryx breeding in Qatar take place within the municipality.

To the west of Al-Shahaniya is Dukhan, which constitutes the most important western Qatari city. It is an industrial city and was constructed for oil extraction purposes. Qatar Petroleum is chiefly responsible for the city's development and administration.Portions of Dukhan have expanded outside of the concession boundaries; these sections are controlled by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment


Al-Shahania Sports Club is centered in the municipality. Formed in 1998, the club was originally based in Al Jemailiya, but shifted its headquarters to Al-Shahaniya City in 2001. It is most notable for its football team which at one point participated in Qatar's premier football league, the Qatar Stars League.

Qatar's main camel racetrack and camel training facilities are also located in the seat of the municipality. Robots are used to jockey the camels. One prominent competition that takes place on the track is the annual Founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani's Camel Festival.

Visitor attractions

In 1979 Qatar's government portioned off a 12 square km area of Al-Shahaniya as a sanctuary for Arabian oryxes, making it among the first protected environmental areas in the country. Oryxes for the reserve were transported from Muaither Farm by sheikh Abdulrahman bin Saud Al Thani. There were around 100 animals in te reserve in 1988. Aside from oryxes, there is an area of the reserve where red-necked ostriches are housed.

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum is a massive 530,000 square meter, 3-building museum established in 1998 in the municipality. It is located in Al Samriya, a locality of Al-Shahaniya City and is accessible through Dukhan Road

Culture and history info

Al Shahaniya (Arabic: الشحانية‎; also Ash Shahaniya) is a municipality (3299 km2) in Qatar, with its its municipal seat as a city of the same name (287 km2). Formerly in the municipality of Al Rayyan, but now an independent municipality, the municipal seat was delimited in 1988 by Law No. 22. In 2014, the cabinet ratified a draft amending some provisions to the 1988 law, thereby formalizing Al Shahaniya as Qatar's eighth municipality.


In 2014, Al-Shahaniya split off from Al Rayyan Municipality to form its own municipality. Integrating approximately 35% of Al Rayyan's area into the new municipality, some of Al Rayyan's western localities such as Al Gharbiam, Al Utouriya, Al Jemailiya, Umm Bab, Rawdat Rashed, Al Nasraniya, Dukhan and Al Khurayb were also included in the new municipality. Mohammed Al-Sahooti was the first mayor of the municipality.As of 2017, Mohammed Saif Al Hajri was mayor.

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