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Coordinates: 39°43′07″N 43°03′03″E Coordinates: 39°43′07″N 43°03′03″E
Country Turkey
Province Ağrı
 • Mayor Sırrı Sakık (BDP)
 • District 1,497.27 km2(578.10 sq mi)
Elevation 1,640 m (5,380 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Urban 107,839
 • District 145,359
 • District density 97/km2 (250/sq mi)
Website www.agri.bel.tr/
Country Turkey
Visa requirements

From Kars, there is no direct bus. First you have to take a bus (company: Serhat Iğdır) to Iğdır (20 TL) and transfer to Doğubeyazıt by minibus (8 TL), a short distance away from where the bus stops in Iğdır. Road between Iğdır and Doğubeyazıt passes by Mt. Ararat offering fine views. (This info is valid as of May 27, 2014.)

From Van there are several minibusses.

There are minibuses from Agri for 15TL/person. It's also possible to get a 24hr coach from Istanbul

Languages spokenTurkish
Currency usedTurkish lira (TRY)
Area (km2)11,376 km2 (4,4 mi2)

Sports & nature

Climb Mount Ararat (5,137 metres/16,854 ft), on the borders of Turkey, Armenia and Iran, supposedly where Noah's Ark landed. Guides and vehicles are available in Dogubeyazit. The climb is long, but there is a fairly easy route from the south in late summer for climbers who are familiar with the use of axe and crampons. Snow covers the last 400 m (¼ mile) year-round. There are two possible campsites on the mountain, and the glacier begins around 4,800 m (15,750 ft). International climbers need a climbing permit that can be obtained through the Turkish Embassies or, the easier option is to let your guide's company do it. Expect the authorities to process your permit application in two months. You also need a licensed guide to accompany you on the trek. People most often attempt to climb up to the summit and return to Dogubayazit in 4 days. However, you may need more time to acclimatise, so it can be wise to add an extra day.
You may also want to climb other mountains in the region, such as Mt Suphan, as part of your acclimatisation.

Nightlife info

Cafe shop on Kermelsi Rd. in the center of Dogubeyazit
Pure fruit juice shop, makes nice pure juice! Istanplak Avenue in eastern Dogubeyazit

Culture and history info

The plateau of Ağrı was controlled by the Kingdom of Urartu until its transition to the Kingdom of Armenia. The area was coveted by many as a gateway between east and west. It was conquered numerous times by Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Georgians, Mongols, Persians, and finally by the Seljuq and Ottoman Turks.

The first Muslims in the area were the Abbasids in 872. The Turkish tribes began to pass through in huge numbers following the defeat of the Byzantine armies at Malazgirt in 1071, sometimes pursued by Mongols. The land was brought into the Ottoman Empire by Sultan Selim I following the Battle of Chaldiran. The region retained a large Armenian population until the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

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