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Coordinates: 41°06′40″N 42°42′08″ECoordinates: 41°06′40″N 42°42′08″E
Country Turkey
Province Ardahan
 • District 1,191.37 km2(459.99 sq mi)
Elevation 1,811 m (5,942 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Urban 19,075
 • District 41,770
 • District density 35/km2 (91/sq mi)
Country Turkey
Languages spokenTurkish
Currency usedTurkish lira (TRY)
Area (km2)5,661 km2 (2,186 sq mi)

Sports & nature

Ardahan is one of the small provincial capitals in Turkey and was until 1993 a small town in the province of Kars. In 1993 the district was made a province, with Ardahan as its regional capital. This resulted in new investment in government buildings and services, but life in mountains that spend half the year under snow is still a struggle.

Kars Kafkas University has an institute in Ardahan. There is also a substantial military presence in the town. The army no longer occupies the Ottoman fortress and it is accessible to visitors. The civil servants, academics, and military officers stationed in Ardahan help to support the local economy. These people have their own clubs and guest houses, as in many Turkish towns.

The region is renowned for its hard yellow kaşar cheese, its cattle markets, and its geese. Province is also home to various infrequent and endangered wildlife, such bears, wolves and chamois.

Nightlife info

There are a number of medieval castles in the district including Ardahan Castle itself.
Lake Çıldır
Phantom of Atatürk in city of Damal
There is a unique natural incident, between mid of June and mid July during sunset, depending on angles of sun xrays; phantom of Atatürk is visible. It was first seen by a shepherd who was with his herd over the hill.

Culture and history info

Ardahan Province (Turkish: Ardahan ili), is a province in the north-east of Turkey, at the very end of the country, where Turkey borders with Georgia and Armenia. The provincial capital is the city of Ardahan.

In 680 BC Scythians came across the Caucasus from the north and captured this area from the Urartu Kings that ruled from their capital on the shores of Lake Van to the south. The Scythians were replaced by Persians and then in 330(?) BC Alexander the Great came through with his armies. Ethnic Georgians populated the area, and in between conquests, it was a province of a Georgian Kingdom after whose paritition in the 1490s the area passed to the atabegs of Samtskhe based in Akhaltsikhe until it was taken over by the Ottoman Empire in 1578.

In 1878, after the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878), the region was incorporated into the Russian Empire, and until 1918 was known as Kars Oblast. Part of the Democratic Republic of Georgia from 1918 to 1921, Ardahan was reclaimed by Turkey under the Treaty of Kars in 1921.

The construction of the Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline gave the local economy a brief boost from 2000 onwards.

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